Siminn 3G Last Supper

Síminn, a telecommunications company in Iceland, has raised a few eyebrows with an advertising campaign featuring Jesus and Judas preparing for the Last Supper. Jesus and his disciples are all ready to start their meal when they realise that Judas isn’t there. He’s still out on the town, telling Roman soldiers a joke about the Pharisee and the Babylonian prostitute on their way to Mesopotamia. Jesus knows just what to do. He calls Judas on his Siminn 3rd Generation mobile phone and engages him in a video conversation. Judas is caught in the possession of thirty pieces of silver. The tagline: “3G – Changing the course of history”.

Last Supper in Siminn TV ad

Click on the image below to play the video.


The idea and the script for the Siminn Last Supper came from Jón Gnarr at advertising agency EnnEmm. Gnarr, who plays Judas, is well known in Iceland as a comedian and a devout Roman Catholic. Gnarr submitted the script to the office of the Bishop of Iceland beforehand and was given a green light on the project, with a warning that the ad may upset some Catholics.

Filming in Portugal was shot by directors Samuel and Gunnar (Samuel Bjarki Petursson and Gunnar Pall Olafsson) via Sagafilm, with producer Jón Bjarni and director of photography Sebastian Pfaffenbichler.

The little twist in the campaign is the withdrawal of the ad not because of blasphemy but because Jesus and Judas are talking to each other using a Vodafone plan. A little slip up by the advertising agency that could change the course of history…