Sheridan Signature on Shopping Expeditions

Sheridan, Australian designer of quality bed linen, towels, sheets and accessories, has launched the Signature Series Collection with a television commercial following three women on their separate shopping expeditions. When each woman returns home with their purchases, viewers see their bedrooms, reflecting their individual personalities. Sheridan invites customers to rediscover the pleasures of the bedroom as a safe place, a family space, a romantic place and a place of self-expression.

Sheridan Signature bed

Lyrics to the song in the ad:

You and me could take a ride to the stars
I’ve got a warm feeling close to my heart
And I won’t let you go, I’ll hold you tight.


The Sheridan Signature campaign was developed at JWT, Sydney, by general manager Sheridan Pauline Whitehead, creative directors Andy DiLallo and Jay Benjamin, copywriter Allie Buckle, art director Michaela Brown, agency producer Gerri Hamill, GAD Grainne Macintyre.

This is the first campaign JWT has produced since winning the Sheridan account in April and it marks the first step in moving the brand from the functional thread-count territory to becoming a brand that has a sensory and emotional connection with its customers. “We are extremely happy with our first TV campaign and looking forward to doing more great work with JWT,” said Pauline Whitehead, general manager, Sheridan.

Filming was shot by director Liz Murphy via Taxi Films, with producer Andrew Wareham and director of photography Tony Luu.