Seek Employment by Curious Creatures, one of Australia’s online job search companies, has launched two TV ads focusing on curiosity. One commercial, Uncurious Creatures, focuses on the parts of life we’d be missing out on without curiousity. The other, Curious Creatures, celebrates the power of curiousity to transform human nature.

Hide and Seek hands in Seek Curiousity campaign

Uncurious Creatures

Us humans… it’s in our nature to seek. But what if it wasn’t? For a start, hide and seek would just be hide. There’d be no museums, or people for that matter. We’d never try new styles, never look under the couch, never leave home, and we’d never change jobs. So it’s a good thing we like to seek, cause if we didn’t seek, we wouldn’t find.

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Curious Creatures

Humans are curious creatures. I mean, what is it that makes us search every carton in the shop? That makes us try new things? What makes us hold out for a perfect match? Or the perfect spot? Why do we need to know what’s in there, up there, or out there? Why do we seek? Because if we didn’t seek we wouldn’t find.

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The Curious Creatures ads were developed at Leo Burnett Melbourne, Australia, by creative director Jason Williams, art directors David Ponce de Leon, Richard Walker, copywriters Brendan Greaney and Andrew Woodhead, account services staff Estrella Finney, Paula Bloodworth, agency producer Mel Herbert.

Filming was directed by Mark Molloy, via Exit Films, with producer Wilf Sweetland. Animation was done at Illoura.