Sears Tools in Arboretum

Sears promotes its lawn and garden product range in an visual effects-laden television commercial, bringing a garden to life with flowers, ferns, frogs, birds, beetles, barbecues, lawnmowers and patio sets. The spot won a Gold in the 2007 Clio Awards. The 60 second spot opens with a bird, beetle, snail and frog in a natural garden. Gradually the unfolding growing plants reveal tools from the Sears product range. A Venus Fly Trap opens to reveal a socket and screwdriver set. Fuschias morph into drills. Another flower reveals its petals to be pruning shears. A water lily opens up to reveal lawn mowers and shovels. And yet another transforms into the provider of parasols for a patio set.

Pruning shears in Sears Arboretum TV Ad

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The Arboretum spot was developed at Y&R Chicago by creative directors Nancy Hannon, Mark Figliulo, Nancy Hannon, art directors Isabella Ferreira, Mark Figliulo, copywriter Pete Figel, Ryan Ebner, agency producers Kim Mohan, Matt Bijarchi.

Filming was directed by Rupert Sanders via MJZ, Los Angeles, with director of photography Chris Soos, executive producer Lisa Rich and producer Kim Shapiro. Editor was Neil Smith at The White House, Los Angeles.

Visual effects were developed at Method Studios, Los Angeles by producer Rich Rama, CG creative director Laurent Ledru, Lead 2D VFX artist Cedric Nicolas. Other Method Studio staff were CG technical supervisor Gil Baron, 3D VFX artists Chi-Wei Hsu, Chris Smallfield, Dan Dixon, John Baker, Marco Iozzi, Pasha Ivanov, Reza Rasou, Scott Metzger, Seong Joon Lee, technical director Andrew Bell, Junior 2D VFX artists Katrina Salicrup and Sarah Eim, previsualization artists Brad Alexander, Euisung Lee, Halon, Jamie Bolio and Jeff Nakao, VFX executive producer Neysa Horsburgh, head of production Sue Troyan, production designer/art director James Chinlund.

The team studied nature films like Microcosmos in order to accurately capture the details of a garden in close-up. They tried to incorporate the shape, size and texture of each Sears product into what already existed in each plant. Senior Producer told Screen Mag that all of the effects are based on natural, organic plants and the occurrence of them in nature.

Previsualization was done at Halon Entertainment. Colorist was Beau Leon at The Syndicate.

Guitar music was composed by Greg Reeves via Cordovan Music. Sound was designed by Brian Emrich at Trinitite Studios. Sound engineer was Shawn Ballman at Soundslave.

Drills in Sears Arboretum TV Ad

Drills in Sears Arboretum TV Ad