Scrumbags Heimlich Instructions

The larrikins at have launched their first poster for the 2007 Rugby Union World Cup, giving instructions for Wallabies supporters as they help All Blacks followers recover from choking. The poster, designed to augment the existing light-hearted sporting rivalry between New Zealand and Australia, refers to the continued last minute losses suffered by New Zealand in the World Cup since its first win in 1987.

Heimich Instructions for Rugby World Cup

  1. Turn the Kiwi away from the television screen or stadium.
  2. Start pretending you are performing a medical procedure.
  3. Really start to take the piss our of them by putting your arms around the Kiwi, just below the rib cage.
  4. Make a complete mockery out of them by pretending to do the Heimlich Maneuver.

New Zealand’s Rugby World Cup Record

New Zealand won the first Rugby World Cup tournament in 1987, beating France in the final. In 1991 New Zealand was third, beaten by Australia in the semifinals. In 1995 New Zealand was second, beaten by South Africa in the final. In 1999 New Zealand came fourth, beaten by France and South Africa. In 2003 New Zealand was third, beaten by England in the semi finals.