Scorsese makes Key to Reserva for Freixenet

Martin Scorsese, Italian American film director, stars in his own Hitchcock-inspired cinema advertisement made for Catalan winemakers Freixenet. Scorsese’s role of president of the Film Foundation, is played on as he supposedly sets out to preserve a script by Alfred Hitchcock. “Key to Reserva”, in Spanish La Clave Reserva, includes visual references to Vertigo and The Birds, along with musical references to North by Northwest.

Martin Scorsese in Key to Reserva commercial

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The concept for the Scorcese Film for Freixenet, was created at JWT EspaƱa. Scorcese’s work was supported by staff at RSA Films and Ovideo, including producers Jules Daly, Marjie Abrahams and Emma Tillinger, executive producers Quique Camin, Tito Coca, Aitana R. Coca, with director of photography Harris Savides and editor Thelma Schoonmaker, creative consultant Ted Griffin.

Music, played by the MGM Studio Orchestra, includes excerpts from the soundtrack for Hitchcock’s movie, North by Northwest, composed by Bernard Herrmann.

The cast includes Australian actor Simon Baker, Kelli O’Hara, Michael Stuhlbarg, Christopher Denham and Richard Easton.