Schizophrenia Brain Bank Appeal

Australia’s Schizophrenia Research Institute has launched an appeal for 4000 volunteers to take part in a ‘brain bank’, assisted with a television and print campaign developed pro bono by Singleton Ogilvy & Mather. “Every word on this page, every colour and image sets off nerves in your brain. And there are 100,000,000,000 nerves in your brain. Nothing is more complex. It’s why nothing is harder to solve than Schizophrenia. To find the answer, we’ll have to put our heads together. If you have Schizophrenia, we need 4000 volunteers to begin Australia’s largest ever brain research project. By the end we’ll have the clearest picture of the human brain we’ve ever seen and, hopefully, a cure.”

Bodies form the shape of a brain.

“Schizophrenia. Be part of the answer. Call 1800 639 295 or visit

See my story on the Brain Bank TV campaign (featuring the voice of Russell Crowe).

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