Sam Kekovich Hosts UnAustralian Citizenship Test

Sam Kekovich is offering a brand new, state of the art Everdure barbecue, valued $999, to the person who can most quickly correctly answer ten out of ten questions in his Australiana quiz. It’s part of the 2007 Australia Day Party campaign for Meat and Livestock Australia. The Flash-based quiz can be found online at

Sam's Quiz screenshot

Some of the many questions asked

How did Don Bradman hone his skills in the backyard?
Where’s the Dish?
What is a nong?
What was the traditional use for Jaffas?
Socceroos score against England February 2003
Where did the Kerrigans take their holidays?
On which dollar note does Dame Nellie Melba appear?
Who or what is Matilda in Waltzing Matilda?
Allan Lamb was born in which country?
What was Kylie Minogue’s first hit?
Who won the Grand Slam twice?
Who is the blue Wiggle?
Get the good oil
In which year did television commence in Australia?
First Prime Minister of Australia
Why were Lambograms in 1999 were sent to the USA
Largest desert in Australia
What is a billabong?
What did Nikki Webster sing at the Sydney Olympics opening?
What is the Baggy Green?
What does Sam’s apron say?
Colour television introduced to Australia?
Slang name for Sydney Harbour Bridge
Animal on the Australian 5 cent coin
Who sang Under the Milky Way?
Mark Holden appeared in which Australian soap?
How many consecutive 500 cc motorcycle world championships did Mick Doohan win?
Who is Stupenda?
Ingredients of Vegemite

Sam says that googling the answers is not the way to do well in this test. Instead, he recommends getting a few lamb chops into you.

See also the television and print elements to the campaign.

  • dingo

    kekovich sounds like a foreign name to me. was this bloke even born in australia?

  • paul

    I’d like to nominate the eateries in the Melbourne city square and the take away caravans in Kings domain for the un austalian award.

    Unlike Sam I think that it’s perfectly australian to flog souvalaki and mung beans on Australia day. And not just lamb souvalaki either. When in Greece ya do as the Greeks. But we aint in Greece.


    Being Australia day I was in the mood for good Aussie hot pie. I went through all the food vans in Kings domain and all the eateries in the city square.

    Eventually I found that the seven eleven in the square does sell em but it was so packed out and sold out that it was loading the pie warmer, from the fridge, slower than they were selling.

    I must have walked a mile through there before finding a place further up Swanston street. The place was staffed but an Asian and an Indian but at least they stocked pies. “Thanks Mate” he told me as I departed. No worries there.

    The pie was only luke warm but at least it was a pie.

    I dont’ care what other good tucker is sold in Aussie. No place in Aussie that a bloke should have to actually have to search for a pie. Never!

    Something else and I don’t know if it’s Aussie racism or Asian racism. Why the hell hasn’t a single Asian played footy at AFL A level.?? Bruce Lee proved that they can kick. Jackie Chang proved that they can move. Nobody’s proved that they can mark like Jezza but not all top footballers can anyway so thats not a big issue.
    What goes on here. Do the coaches turn up their noses when they see slanted eyes? Or is it lack of interest by the Asians themselves.

  • ron strachan

    Sam,love your adverts,love Nth melbourne[past],love Australia.
    Why then the aussie flag appears correct on your ads BUT on lamb product just purchased the wrong points of the stars on the flag are incorrect.Perhaps it is done on purpose ,if so I apologise but would it not be best to have it correct across the board.
    Perhaps I am pedantic becuse I am a flag maker and love the aussie flag as well.I might be the only one who has picked this up!!!regards Ron

  • Mohamad

    Lamb tastes like ass!!!

    Beef is the real meat!!!