Sam Kekovich in Vote Lamb Campaign

Sam Kekovich, the Australian sports commentator known for his rants on eating lamb for Australia Day, is addressing the nation on Sunday January 14. Meat and Livestock Australia has paid for Sam to speak for three minutes on channels 7, 9, 10, SBS and a selection of subscription channels. The Vote Lamb TV ad will be available to view at Visit the site today and you’ll have a message from Sam Kekovich saying, “Oi! I’m not ready yet. Still making myself beautiful. Come back on January the 14th!”. Visitors are able to register on the site for updates.

Sam Kekovich says We Love Our Lamb in front of Australian flag

Vote Lamb Transcript

Here’s the transcript from Sam’s address:

“In this election year, Australians are faced with a stark choice: allow un-Australianism to flourish, or take a stand against it, before it becomes as prevalent as exposed genitals on a reality television show. I love Australia, her far horizons, her jewelled sea, the Aussie people and our Australian way of life. In the past year, I’ve traveled all over this wide, brown land. I’ve met a few people, both young and old, and listened to what they had to say. I’ve seen first-hand the devastation un-Australianism has caused. And frankly, I’ve had a gutful.

The desecration of the Australian flag was bad enough. Imagine if people started burning lamb chops as well. And unAustralianism played a role in the greatest disaster to befall our nation since tofu: the early retirement of our greatest Olympic swimmer. Is there anything more unAustralian than those gold-medal-hungry Yanks who tried to poison the big-hearted Aussie champion with the lure of Hollywood just to stop him racing? It’s like Phar Lap all over again. That’s the danger of too much LA and not enough LAMB.”

Sam’s platform is practical and outrageous…

Sam Kekovich says Vote Lamb in MLA poster“Our junket-loving limousine-riding over superannuated politicians will bombard you with promises in the coming months. But throwing money at the problem is not the answer. We need to throw lamb at it instead. So men and women of Australia it’s time. It’s time for the Australia Day Party. Our multi-pronged lamb plan will take tax cuts off the table and dish out lamb cuts instead. Extradite the terrorists who planned gas attacks on the Aussie cricket team in London, and put their skills to good use filling barbecue gas bottles – they shouldn’t mind the odd explosion. Scrap English tests for migrants. Who cares how they use their tongue as long as they can use their tongs? ”

Speaking of tests, there’s one way to keep the Ashes permanently in Australia. Make our own. The ashes from a good lamb barbie are a lot better than some burnt Pommie stump anyway. And reduce global warming by finding alternatives to fossil fuels to power barbies. Uranium for example. Think how many lamb chops a portable nuclear reactor could cook. If the koala-suit-wearing tree hugging alfalfa-munching lobbyists have a problem with that they can chain themselves to the nearest plane! I hear North Korea’s nice this time of year.

But governments can’t stop unAustralianism alone! A lamb meat recovery has to start at the grass roots, next to the Hills Hoist (washing line), with an Australia Day party. It’s a simple concept. On January 26 all Australians should gather in back yards around the nation. Throw some lamb chops on the barbie and have an Australia Day party of their own.

My fellow Australians. I have a dream – that by Australia Day 2007 no Australian child will be living without a nice juicy lamb chop. And I have a dream that on Australia Day mung beans and lamb chops can sit together, side by side on the same plate, as long as it’s not mine. And I have a dream that lamb can unite Australians of all colours and creeds – even hairy legged sandal-wearing lentil eaters.”

“Don’t be unAustralian. Vote Lamb on Australia Day. You know it makes sense. I’m Sam Kekovich.”

Kekovich is already appearing on posters in butcher shop windows, urging Australians to “Vote Lamb”. See my post with the images at Duncan’s Print.

Earlier plans for the 2007 Australia Day campaign involved Kekovich standing at a barbecue with two Muslim Imams. He was to hold up a chop and say, “Is Lamb”, a reference to the ‘Is Don” meat advertising campaign. The creative team pulled the plug on that idea before it was filmed, recognising that the scene would be crossing the line.

Sam pays tribute to the farmers affected by drought…

“With the worst drought on record Australia’s lamb producers are experiencing some tough times but they continue to produce the best lamb in the world. They do a fantastic job and we should all be very proud of them. Eating lamb on Australia Day is a great way to support them,” says Sam.

You know it makes sense…

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The Vote Lamb campaign was developed at BMF, Sydney, by executive creative director Warren Brown, copywriter Dennis Koutoulogenis, art director Dale McGuinness, agency producer Louise Hodgeson, with account managers Sarah Crane, David Flanagan and Julie Burke.

Filming was directed by Trent O’Donnell at Jungleboys, Sydney, with producer Jason Burrows. Post production was done at The Lab, Sydney.

Sound was the responsibility of Barry Stewart at Sound Reservoir.

See the story on Sam Kekovich’s “UnAustralian 2005” and Australia Day 2006.