Salvation Army Challenges Human Trafficking

The Salvation Army in South Africa worked with Leo Burnett to highlight the harsh realities of human trafficking. They developed a hard hitting idea that put children on sale in fashion boutique windows. The message emphasizes the tragedy of putting a price tag on human life. The text: “Human trafficking is a serious crime. Help us end the exploitation”.

Children in Salvation Army ad against human trafficking

Children in Salvation Army ad against human trafficking


The Salvation Army human trafficking campaign was developed at Leo Burnett, Johannesburg, by creative director Vanessa Pearson, art director/typographer/prop stylist Alan Marks, copywriter/prop stylist Nicole Solarsh. Photography was by Graham Kietzman via Planet KB Studio. Retoucher was Peter Sunshine.

  • I really Wonder if the Government means what they say about Human traficking being a priority when I see the Tell tale signs in San Francisco daily.Especially at Night when the Ubused woman are used in massage parlors then they are shut down just to be driven underground in the Bedroom Districts and in SROs like the One on Clay St.The Balomoral 2 is Used as a Pit stop now and Then.They set up and Move ,Set up and Move.Get It!!
    I have seen the Ugliness up Close in the Middle of the Night when some of the girs were Trying to be rebels and they were taken back in the buiding forceably.The Police were called and they were no Longer there.These People are Ugly and Care only about Money.I really FEEL for These Girls.

    This will Only Get Better with responsible Immigration legislation and A regulated redlight district similar to Europes setup in A-Dam and Germany.That is riddled with traffickers too but there seems to be much more regulation and a Ragtag Union.There is also more openness and less abuse.This is the Oldsest Profession on earth and it will never GO AWAY.The Best that can be done is to work with “The Reality” of The Issue and be at Cause of the Outcomes instead of always fixing Disasters. GOD BLESS ALL