RSPCA Bequest an Animal Program

RSPCA Victoria, Australia, is promoting its Bequest Animal Program with community service announcements that ask the question, “Who will care for my pets when I die?”. Two TV ads introduce viewers to the provision of continued love and care for pets when their owners are hindered by illness, disability or age, and of course death.

RSPCA Disappear commercial

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There really is no better place than beside you
You’re my guiding star, my shining light
best friend even in my darkest hour
Now my friend is gone, all my lights around
I am left here all alone…

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The campaign was developed by RSPCA Victoria‘s executive manager marketing and development Jenny Davis, and directed by Rowan Webb via Gorgeous Films, with producer Chris Currie, director of photography Martin Smith and editor Matt Arnold. Music was composed by Joost Langeveld. Lyrics were written by Rowan Webb.

“We regarded this as a very important communication for the RSPCA and particularly challenging, as it addresses people leaving pets behind when they pass away. The message had to be delivered with the dignity it deserved,” says Gorgeous Films director Rowan Webb.

Inspiration from LTSA Fading Families

For interest’s sake, see where the inspiration came from in this 2004 clip for LTSA in New Zealand, Fading Families, developed at Clemenger BBDO Wellington and directed by Tracey Rowe (then at Silverscreen and now at Robbers Dog).

Click on the image below to play the video.

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