Rolling Stone Before Discovery

Rolling Stone‘s special edition on the 500 Greatest Albums of all time was promoted with a set of print advertisements showing teenagers before they discovered their favorite band. Before he discovered Nirvana’s “Nevermind” – The 500 albums that changed our lives. Before she discovered The Cure’s “Disintegration. Before she discovered The Cure’s “Disintegration.

Before he discovered Nirvana's Nevermind

Before he discovered Radiohead's OK Computer


The Rolling Stone campaign was developed at La Comunidad, Buenos Aires, by creative directors Joaquin Molla, Jose Molla, Ricky Vior and Leo Prat, art directors Gustavo Sucri and Raul Vassena, account executive Romina Levi, copywriters Francisco Ferro and Camilo Mejia, illustrators Carlos Baragli, Hernan Sanchez, Fernando Falcone and Veronica Garcia Lao.