Ricoh Intelligent Models Talk Quantum Physics

Ricoh Business Printers in Australia promotes the ESA enable printer range with a TV ad featuring two models talking about quantum physics as they prepare for the catwalk. “Well if quantum mechanics isn’t physics in the usual sense, if it’s not about matter or energy or waves, then what is it about?”

Intelligent model in Ricoh TV ad

“Well from my perspective it’s about probability, information and observables and how they relate to each other”. “That’s interesting”. The tagline: “A more intelligent model”.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Intelligent Model campaign was developed at Love Communications by creative director Scot Waterhouse, art director Andrew Leftley, copywriter Guy Lemberg and agency producer Paul Johnston.

Filming was shot by director Marc Furmie via Filmgraphics with producer Simon Ritch.

Intelligent models in Ricoh TV ad


This is a classic case of cognitive dissonance – viewers struggle to comprehend that these apparent airheads are actually thinking and talking about quantum mechanics. It’s also a case of careless plagiarism that’s been found out. Scott Aaronson, lecturer at MIT, Cambridge Massachusetts, reveals that the models are quoting his online lecture notes word for word.

One commenter on Scott Aaronson’s blog suggests that the models could have talked about something more intelligent that only an academic would understand. However Ricoh is not suggesting an academic model or intellectual model. Intelligent implies the capacity to communicate in ways that are able to be grasped by people from different mindsets. So… Scott should be congratulated for his linguistic intelligence. What remains to be seen is how legally and interpersonally intelligent Aaronson and Ricoh are…

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