Duncans TV Requests for 2007

What’s your favourite television advertisement? What would you like to see written up here at Duncan’s TV Ad Land? I’m still working through some of the requests from 2006 but am opening up a new wish list for the new year. I tend to consider a story ready for publication when I’ve found out something about the background to its production, the people involved, the music used, and most importantly where online it can be found. With the advent of YouTube and Google Video that’s becoming easier. However I’m still a fan of tracking down Quicktime and Windows Media versions of the ads. Here’s a few ads I’m hoping to write up soon…


Hyundai Santa Fe – Baby – Restless
Energizer – Bunny and Aliens
Johnnie Walker – Fish
Nintendo Wii – Sensei
Central Beheer – Even Apeldoorn bellen
Barry Dawson is the Cougar
Heineken Bad Plane Landing
Hooked – anti smoking
American Express – Wes Anderson
Avon – Meet Mark
Bigpond – Marine Biology
British Airways – Face
Coca Cola – Peaceball
Guinness Rugby
Optus – 2nd Animals series
Fernwood – Peter Helliar
L&P – Stubbies
Mobiliar – Photographer
MTV – Brass Band
Creature Comforts

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