Renault Road Block And Pursuit

Renault is promoting the new Mégane 2.0 dCi as a car with less consumption and more power in a moonlit “Mad Max” style car chase TV advertisement featuring gas pumps on motorbikes filmed near Barcelona, Spain. A Renault Mégane drives past a roadblock, stirring petrol pumps to jump on motorbikes in pursuit. As they close in on the Renault they get their nozzles ready to engage with the car’s petrol tank, only to be frustrated when the car zooms ahead.

Pumps attempt to fill Renault Megane

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Renault Road Block TV ad was developed at Publicis Frankfurt by creative directors Stephan Ganser, Nico Jünger and Peter Kaim, creative Konstantinos Manikas, head of TV Klaus Flemmer and agency producer Martina Riese.

Creative director Nico Jünger of Publicis, Frankfurt told Shots the idea was a mixture between Mad Max, John Woo and David Fincher, using the motorbike-centred-action from John Woo, mixing it with the atmosphere of Mad Max and throwing in a bit of spaghetti western.”

Jünger said that while it may appear that a lot of work was done in post production, the opposite was the case. “Most of it is real,” he said. “The day/night effect was created by filters and we only changed the faces and the hoses on the petrol pumps in post.”

Filming was directed by Daniel Benmayor via Five Three Double Ninety (539090) Film Productions, Hamburg with producer Dadi van Eendenburg and director of photography Paco Femenía.

Post production was done at El Ranchito, Madrid. Location Service was provided by RCR Films, Barcelona. Music was composed at Blunck + Will, Hamburg.