Remicade a better way to deal with Crohns Disease

Sufferers of Crohn’s disease need an alternative to quick trips to the toilet when they’re out. That’s the message in this Australian print advertising campaign for Remicade. The simple message in advertisement: “There’s a better way to deal with Crohn’s Disease”.

Remicade bus print advertisement

Crohn’s disease, also known as regional enteritis, is a chronic, episodic, inflammatory condition of the gastrointentestinal tract. REMICADE helps put Crohn’s into remission and relieves symptoms by binding and blocking the effects of TNF-alpha, a protein involved in the inflammation process.

Remicade movie theatre print advertisement

Remicade restaurant print advertisement


The Remicade campaign was developed at DDB Sydney, Australia, by executive creative director Matt Eastwood, art director Simon Johnson, copywriters June Laffey, Pete Ogden, agency producer Jen Wills, with photographer Allan Myles and retoucher Dennis Monk.

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