Reflections on Breast Cancer Race For the Cure

The Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Race for the Cure was promoted in 2006 with Reflections, a TV ad showing a woman who sees the reflections of other women as she prepares to run. A young blonde woman is getting ready to go for a run. The reflection in her bathroom mirror is of an older woman. The reflection in a hallway mirror is of an African American woman. As she boards a bus, a brunette is seen in the glass of the door. Taking her seat, a bald woman in a scarf is reflected in the window. “You don’t just run for yourself” appears on a screen. A truck carrying glass reflects all the women in the spot and more. “You run for everyone affected by breast cancer” appears as the jogger runs into Central Park towards the Race for the Cure start.

Race for Cure Reflection

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Reflections ad was developed at StrawberryFrog, New York, by executive creative director Kevin McKeon, art director Melissa Lin, copywriter Josh Greenspan, account director Sherri Chambers and agency Producer Letitia Jacobs.

Filming was shot by director Maurice Marable via Believe Media (New York and Los Angeles) with producer Gary Romano and executive producers Liz Silver and Luke Thornton.

Editing was done by Geordie Anderson at BlueRock, New York, with producer Caryn Maclean.

Visual effects were done at Framestore, New York.