Red Steel Sensei Gives Wii Lessons

Ubisoft‘s samurai skills game, Red Steel, was promoted for the Nintendo Wii platform with ‘Sensei’, a TV advertisement, in November 2006. A young man playing ‘Red Steel’ on his Nintendo Wii calls on his master for guidance. Suddenly the Sensei, a white-haired bearded man in a long flowing robe appears in his room. “Yes? masticating dog?”, says the sensei. “Am I ready to defeat the Yakuza?” “As the pig is ready for slaughter!” The sensei laughs and instructs the young man on how to hold and use the Wii wand for maximum effect.

Sensei trains Wii fighter in Red Steel combat

As the young man takes on his opponents the sensei calls out instructions and taunts. “Concentrate! Fight you sissy! Are you trying to tickle him? Attack! Your ancestors are weeping! Fight sissy! Enough! Get the gun!” The super: “Red Steel for Wii. Rated T for Teen”. The sensei’s assessment of the young man’s game so far? “You suck!”

Click on the image below to play the video.


The campaign was developed at Duncan/Channon by executive creative director/copywriter Park Channon, creative director/art director Anne Elisco-Lemme, and broadcast producer LauraLe Wunsch.

Filming was directed by Jordan Brady via Uber Content, with executive producer Preston Lee and director of photography Mateo Londono.

Editing and visual effects done by Bob Frisk at Phoenix Editorial with online editor/VFX artist John Crossley and executive producer Jonathan Hinman.