Red Cross San Francisco Earthquake

American Red Cross Bay Area launched a two-day public spectacle in the streets of San Francisco earlier this month. A truck parked in Justin Herman Plaza at the foot of Market Street, showed views of devastation in both Market Street and the Ferry Building.

Truck billboard in San Francisco

Partnered with Pacific Gas and Electrical Company and Catholic Healthcare West, the Prepare Bay Area campaign’s focus is to drive Bay Area residents to or to call 1-877-PREPBAY to get information on how easy it is to get prepared with the goal getting one million residents prepared.

Truck billboard in San Francisco

The last statistics out of the US Geological Survey predict that there is a 62 percent chance that a catastrophic earthquake will hit the Bay Area in the next 30 years—leaving an estimated 3,400 dead, 63,000 seriously injured, and over 400,000 people homeless. These statistics and the staggering realization that only a small percentage of Bay Area residents are actually prepared for an emergency prompted the ARCBA to focus on an even edgier campaign that would shock, force people to think, and then take action to get prepared.

“People may ask why we’re doing this,” said Brooks, “but it was necessary to send a bolder, edgier, and louder message because folks just aren’t listening. So we shifted our campaign by adding provocative billboard images, edgy TV and radio spots, and some innovative street marketing in the hope that it would motivate people to respond now—not tomorrow—and we believe our message will be heard.”


The Red Cross campaign was developed at Publicis & Hal Riney by executive director Jon Soto, creative director/art director Dominic Goldman, creative director/copywriter Mark Sweeney, designer Rosana Mojica, art producer Patricia Hom, account supervisor Wiebke Struck, print producer Pauline Grant, project manager Kristina Lees, photographer Matthew Welch, with retoucher IMAGIC.