Red Bull Gives Christmas Angels Wings

Red Bull, the energy drink owned by Austrian based Red Bull GmbH, has entered religious territory with the arrival of four Magi (wise men) bearing gifts for the baby Jesus.

Red Bull Nativity Scene

Orange Bearded Magi: Peace be upon you, Mary. We are the four Magi, coming from the distant Orient to render homage to baby Jesus.
Mary: Four? How come? In the New Testament there’s only three of you.
Yellow Haired Magi: No, there are four of us, and we bring gold, incense, myrrh and Red Bull.
Mary: Red Bull? A bull? But we already have a small one…
YHM: No Mary, Red Bull is an energy drink that gives you wings! How do you think those guys up there are flying?
Angels: Hallelujah!

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Italian version of the TV ad has been withdrawn from television screens after complaints from representatives of the Catholic Church. Father Marco Damanti, from Sicily, wrote to the makers of the caffeinated energy drink denouncing their commercial as “a blasphemous act” and said in early December he had received a prompt reply promising to remove it from Italian television. “The image of the sacred family has been represented in a sacrilegious way,” Father Damanti told Corriere della Sera. “Whatever the ironic intentions of Red Bull, the advert pokes fun at the nativity, and at Christian sensitivity”.

In Poland similar reactions are brewing. “Such exploitation of Christmas traditions is scandalous,” Bishop Tadeusz Pieronek, a professor of church law, told the Dziennik daily newspaper. “There are certain values which must not be abused, and in this Red Bull advert we see religion being instrumentalised.”

In reality, the New Testament does not mention the number of Magi from the east, only the number of gifts.

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