Real Estate Fate Is Pretty Rare, an Australian web site dedicated to connecting home buyers with home vendors, spins a yarn showing how unlikely it is we’ll ‘just find’ our dream home through the intervention of fate. A blonde woman drives her convertible sports car along leafy avenues in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne on an early Autumn day, the sun dappling on her face. Guitar music and the Meg Ryan look suggests we’re in for a romance.

Woman checks her lipstick in Real Estate Fate TV ad

Men attempt to stop car in Real Estate Fate TV ad

Just as the woman stops at an intersection to check her lipstick, a young man jumps into the seat beside her and tells her to “Go! Go! Go! You’ve got to go!”. Three men in pursuit attempt to prevent their escape. Under the direction of her new passenger, the woman takes a hard left down a narrow one-way street, turning right on to an unknown road. Under his direction she slams the brakes to stop and let him out.

The Lodge - dream seen in Real Estate TV ad

And there it is – The Lodge. This woman’s dream house with a “For Sale” sign outside. She’s in love at first sight. The super: “Fate. It’s Pretty Rare., the biggest address in property”. Click on the image below to play the video.


The Fate campaign was developed at Cummins and Partners, Melbourne, by creative team Jason Kilgour and Jason Rose with agency producer Jill Wheeler.

Filming (in Toorak, Melbourne) was directed by Dogboy (Matthew McCaughey & Antony Alekna), via The Pound, with producer Fiona McGregor.

Post production was done at Digital Pictures by offline editor Jo Scott, colourist Martin Greer, online editor Eugene Richards. Music was composed by Daniel & Gideon Frankel at Dare Music.