QUT Says Go There

Queensland University of Technology, (QUT) in Brisbane, is appealing to a sense of adventure and exploration in young adults with ‘Go There’, a TV ad designed for Gen Y launched in July 2007. Students, staff and alumni kick a small ‘earth ball’ around the world, finding themselves in locations such as England, Egypt, India (Taj Mahal), the United States (Cape Canaveral), and Africa.

Students swimming in QUT TV ad

“If it means real dreams, real ambitions coming true, we say go there. If it means contact with the real world, real world in the world you’re heading for, we say go there. If it means partnership, a real meeting of minds, real answers to real problems. If if fires imagination, inspires adventure, leads to new horizons, we say go there. If it’s good for people and good for the planet, we say go there. QUT, a university for the real world.”

Click on the image below to play the video.

The QUT Go There ad was developed at BCM Partnership, Brisbane

Filming was directed by Mark Toia at Zoom Film & Television, Brisbane. Post production was done at Cutting Edge.

QUT Biofuel

Appealing to the “anything is possible” attitude of its Gen Y target market, QUT’s campaign is all about positioning itself as a university for “the real world”. The TVC features imagery from around the world showing thoughts and dreams turned into reality, all set to a catchy jazz tune. I wonder if this campaign has anything to do with the recent decision to close its Humanities and Arts facultuy in favour of a vocationally based program. The university has decided to axe history, politics and geography.