Pulp Culture Dolls in New Zealand

New Zealand magazine Pulp Culture relaunched as a popular culture centrepoint in 2006 with an animated television commercial featuring plastic dolls. Waxing for a Brazilian, a fashion shoot, classy furniture, nude photography, ambient art, entertainment, music… it’s all in there.

Barbie has a Brazilian wax treatment

Click on the image below to play the video.

Pulp reports on, cultivates and critiques new trends in pop culture both locally and internationally by showcasing everything fresh, exciting and essential in fashion, entertainment, music, film, photography, design, art and technology in an innovative, informative and inspirational way.

Pulp Culture Entertainment TV ad

Pulp Culture Arts TV ad


The Pulp Culture TV ad was developed at DraftFCB New Zealand, by creative director James Mok, art director Dave Brady, copywriter Hayley Brunt and agency producer Esther Watkins.

Filming/animation was directed by Tom Reilly via The Cartel with producer Rich Collins.