Propel Stress Monster

Propel Fitness Water features as the drink of choice of a man driven by stress to monster proportions in a television commercial released in April 2007. A monster the size of several stories runs through the city streets. We’re given a few clues as to why he’s like he is – timepieces, colleagues and relatives demanding his time and attention. Gradually he sheds the elements of his monster identity, dropping vehicles, clocks, phones, papers and appliances to the ground. Finally the man himself emerges and rewards himself with a bottle of Propel Fitness water. The voiceover: “Fit has a feeling and a water. Propel the fitness water”.

Propel Runner

Click on the image below to play the Stress Monster video.


Propel Stress Monster was developed at Element 79 by art directors/creative directors Doug Behm and Jon Flannery, copywriter Ron D’Innocenzo, agency producer Tom Cronin.

Filming was directed by Baker Smith at Harvest Films, Los Angeles.

Post production and visual effects were developed at Asylum FX, Los Angeles, by VFX supervisor Mitch Drain, executive producer Michael Pardee, associate VFX producer Ryan Meredith, compositing supervisor Robert Moggach, CG supervisor Sean Faden, lead 3D animator Matt Hackett, lead 3D lighting lead Denis Gauthier, smoke artists Adam Frazier and Scott Johnson, 3D Tracking Lead Michael Lori, 3D Tracking artists Mark Lipsmeyer, Eddie Offerman, Devin Fairbarn, dynamic FX lead Jeff Willette, FX setup lead Dan Smiczek, FX animator Greg Duda, 3D lighting Nick Iliyin, 3D Animator Jack Geckler, Lead Modeler Greg Stuhl, 3D Modeler Ann Sidenblad, Chad Fehmie, rigging Kevin Culhane, textures John Hart, Eric Mattson, textures/matte painters Tim Clark and Shannon Burkley, character animator Mike Warner, lead rotoscope artist Elissa Bello,
rotoscope artists Huey Caroll, Laura Murillo, Etienne Andlau, Zac Chowdhury, rotoscope/painters Deke Kincaid and Stephen Edwards.

Editor was Paul Martinez at Lost Planet, Los Angeles, with assistant editor Ryan Dahlman, executive producer Betsy Beale and producers Romi Laine and Wade Weliever. David Bowie & Queen - Best of Bowie - Under Pressure
Telecine was done at Company 3, Los Angeles, by colorist Stefan Sonnenfeld.

The Stress Monster soundtrack is “Under Pressure”, performed by David Bowie and Queen.

Sound was designed by Scott Ganary at 740 Sound Design, Los Angeles. Audio was mixed by Loren Silber at Lime Studios, Los Angeles.

Stress monster in Propel TV ad

Runner drinks Propel water in TV ad

Stock market stress in Propel TV ad