Prepared To Speed Prepared to Kill

If you’re prepared to speed, be prepared to kill. That’s the message presented in three print advertisements prepared by Clemenger BBDO for LTSA, Land Transport Safety Authority New Zealand, in 2004.

LTSA Speed Hammer Print ad in magazine

LTSA Clutch Brake Trigger ad in magazine

LTSA Speed Can Opener Print ad in magazine

LTSA Advertising Manager Rachel Prince said, “Community demand for safer driving has the potential to change the behaviour of those who persistently speed without any regard for their own safety or the safety of others. We hope these advertisements will encourage us all to take stock of our own attitudes to road safety – after all, bringing the road toll down has the potential to be one of the easiest public health outcomes to achieve.”

  • deadthevideo

    The use of symbolism in these ads give them a somewhat abstract art style look. The question is: would they work? If you look at the adverts closely, you soon get the message. But if you don’t, it’s highly likely that the message would go over your head. With ads like these, you would never really be sure that these images would work.