Powderfinger Lost And Running

Powderfinger is Lost and Running in the first single from their recently released Dream Days at The Hotel Existence. The music video shows lead singer Bernard Fanning as a hotel belhop or porter, pushing a luggage trolley through a hotel lobby, past a bed on fire and a hanging chandelier, encountering other members of the band as he goes. He finds himself walking the red carpet through into the country. He finally reaches a door that leads to a Powderfinger concert.

Lost and Running Powderfinger music video

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The music video was directed by Damon Escott and Stephen Lance of Head Pictures, Brisbane, with Leanne Tonks, who were the team who directed Fanning’s music videos for Wish You Well and Songbird. Filming for the hotel scene was done in the Brisbane Town Hall. The country road scene was filmed in Cecil Plains, near Toowoomba on the Darling Downs. The video clip premiered in Australia on 21 April 2007.

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Lyrics for Lost and Running

I was sick and tired of waiting lost
You were mad at me for so much more
I was bored listening to the same old chords
You would complain that I was never around
And we shouldn’t hope, no we shouldn’t hope
If love is so easy then why am i stuck
If life is so smooth why cant i get enough

I’m still lost and running

Everyday moves like a hurricane
That’s dragging me around no matter what i say
Night time in the city streets I’m out of luck
The cobblestones are dark and wet theres no one I trust
And it comes around, yeah it comes around
Mr So Easy say where have you gone
I’m looking for somewhere i can lay down my arms

I’m still lost and running

I’m taking my time ill let it float away
Spare me no lies and you’ll have nothing to say
The further we slip into this rabbit hole
The harder we look for a new place to go

I’m still lost and running