Poverty Should Not Be A Life Sentence

Poverty should not be a life sentence. So says the Salvation Army in Canada in this set of posters. A woman and child sit in a basement marking off the days of their confinement. Likewise a homeless woman sits under a bridge, marking out her days of homelessness, while a drug user marks out his days of addiction.

Salvation Army Canada Poverty Homeless Woman

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Salvation Army Canada Poverty Basement Salvation Army Canada Addiction Shouldn't Be A Life Sentence


The poverty campaign was developed at ACLC, Toronto, by creative director Tony Miller, copywriter Steve Conover, art director Howard Beauchamp, agency producer Karen Blazer, with photographer David Wile.

One of the goals of the Salvation Army is to break the cycle of poverty, addiction and dependence. ACLC wanted to show in a graphic, emotional way that poverty doesn’t have to be forever, that homelessness doesn’t have to be without hope. People are more likely to give if they know that their money is generating real results.

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