Pods Chocolate in Giza

Masterfoods is promoting the Pods snack range with an animated TV ad featuring pyramid construction. The great Pyramid of Giza built by the ancient Egyptians. This monolithic structure may outlast civilization itself. Impressive yeah… but can you eat it? No. the pyramid is far too big for your dainty mouth. What you can do instead is get hold of Pod snacks deliciously inside out wafer and chocolate parcels that’s screaming Eat Me! Eat Me! Eat Me! Pods… inside out genius.

Pyramid in Pods Giza TV ad

Click on the image below to play the video.

…but genius hardly. Compared to the deliciously inside out wafer and chocolate parcels that a Pod snacks it’s just a pile of bricks. Outlast civilization? These bad boys will be lucky to last the ad break.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Pods Giza ad was developed at Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne, by creative director Cameron Harris, copywriter Seymour Pope and agency producer Sevda Cemo.

Filming was shot by director Mato Atom via Paranoid US, Los Angeles and The Feds, Sydney, with producer Anne Lifshitz. Sound was designed at Paranoid Sounds.

Animation at Def2Shoot, Paris, was done by VFX supervisor David Danesi, executive VFX producer Claude Letessier, visual effect artist/flame artist Christophe Richard, visual effects coordinator Peggy Taverne, 3D supervisor Thomas Marque, 3D artists Julien Fabbris, Aymerio Renaud, Cyril Gibaud and Julien Rancoeur.

Spoons used to pour chocolate in Pods Giza TV ad