Christmas Scenes at Playground Outdoor Equipment Store

Playground Outdoor Equipment Store’s Christmas campaign in 2006 used three nativity scenes: Base Camp, Expedition and Destination. At the bottom of each poster was a detailed description of the products in the picture available from the Swedish store.

Base Camp Nativity Scene

In “Baslgret” Joseph and Mary use a gas lantern and helmet lights to light up their tent as they read a story to the baby Jesus.

Playground Outdoor Equipment Store Base Camp Christmas Poster

Expedition of the Wise Men

Thre bearded explorers set out on skis, well equipped for climbing any mountains they may encounger. Fluorescent pitons form a star in the night sky.

Playground Outdoor Equipment Store Expedition Christmas Poster


Jesus doesn’t look too happy in this scenario. Maybe it’s the prospect of the gift of sharp implements that could be used in a circumcision. The provision of a first aid kid is some consolation.

Playground Outdoor Equipment Store Destination Christmas Poster


The advertising campaign was developed at Swedish agency Akestam Holst, by copywriter Göran Åkestam and art director Johan Baettig. Photographer was Bisse at Adamsky. Set designer/stylist was Mattias Nyhlin. Retouching was done at Mods Graphic Studio.

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