Philips Shave Robot Skin

Philips and Nivea for Men have joined forces to promote the Norelco shaving range in a series of animated steamy Sci Fi film noir advertisements. The Robot Skin advertising campaign, unrolling at, features the Philips Norelco Moisturizing Shaving System used by a female ‘skin robot’, along with Sergeant Will Harris, Officer Susan Hart, Melissa. The storyteller weaves a yarn around his efforts to gain the services of the skin robot for the ultimate fantasy, being shaved in the shower.

Robot Skin web site

Click on the image below to play the teaser video in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the Transformation video in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the Pursuit video in YouTube


The Robot Skin campaign was developed at DDB London by creative director Stuart Buckley, creatives Mark Thompson and Dave Newbold and agency producer Lucy Westmore.

Filming was directed by Bruno Aveillan via Short Films London with producer Ben Mann.

Post production was done at Wizz, Paris.

Officer Susan Hart in Philips Robot Skin series

See Mark Rollins review of the Robot Skin site.

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  • Dave Jones

    Great info there but i’ve a question…Just what music is played in the ad?? It’s really bugging me!

  • rona

    i want to know what song is playing in the advert too!

    i really like it

  • Lionel

    sounds like aphex twin to me

  • Laurens

    It could be James Holden…

  • Tom

    I’m interested in knowing what the music is in a different Phillips Electronics ad running in America. It is the one that has a French song and the ad shows all the Phillips products used from dating through to marriage, to having a baby and raising a family. It is driving us crazy trying to figure out what the song is, or what the French words mean. It goes something like this: “Tout les choses jolie….”

  • Neil

    It sounds similar in style to BT’s album “This Binary Universe”. The DVD included with the album features a robot that looks very similar to the Robot Skin one too.

  • Mike Rowland

    I think its bob seeger – against the wind…

  • Rasmus

    Raphael Ibanez Di Garayo made it. Check out his website.

  • Tekrah
  • Monte Davis

    I don’t want to dispel the fantasy, but who is the actress or model playing the alluring robot? does she have a website? I would like to know because as a child. I thought they really made working models for things like cp-30, r2d2, the robot in Johnny Sokko (I saw him when I was just 7 yrs old). when I found out they had people in suits. it made want to see them. I guess as a comparative.

  • Laura Combs

    I can find nothing on this Raphael guy, I LOVE THE SONG! I’m so sad I can’t find it any where!!

  • Stephanie M

    Has anyone found the information on the French song mentioned above? I live in France and my family back home keeps asking me about it and what it means, but I have never heard the song. Anyone know where I can see the commercial or hear the song?