Philips Seduction By Light

Wong Kar-Wai, a director based in Hong Kong, has created a visually stunning eight minute short film for Philips, There’s Only One Sun, to be distributed via the web, DVD, and used as a select promotional piece. The film features French actress Amélie Daure who subtly promotes the innovative technologies of the new Philips Aurea LCD television.

Amelie Daure in Philips short film

This sexy, futuristic spy thriller takes the viewer through secret agent 006’s mission to bring down the enemy from the inside. Kar-Wai’s use of color and light make the piece a truly visual, unique feast for the eyes. The ambiance for this futuristic world is created through a myriad of colors that blend, meld and pulse — alternating between under and overexposure of light. The film ends with an excerpt from the Marina Tsvetaeva poem in Russian (with English subtitles). There’s only one sun – but it travels the world everyday. This sun is all mine and I won’t ever give it away!

Click on the image below to play the video.

Click on the image below to play the video.

See the teaser and full film, and download the soundtrack online at


The Seduction by Light campaign was developed at DDB Amsterdam, by art director Jessica Kersten, copywriter Ricardo Adolfo.

Filming was shot by director Kar Wai Wong via Anonymous Content and Jet One Films, with director of photography Philippe Le Sourd, executive producer Dave Morrison, producer Jacky Pang Yee Wah, associate producer Kerry Haynie, head of production Sue Ellen Clair, line producer Alice Chan. Production design, costume design and editing was done by William Chang Suk Ping, with assistant editor Geoffrey Sledge.

Kar Wai Wong is known for his movie, Happy Together, which one him a best director award at Cannes ten years ago, and 2046.

Colorist was Stefan Sonnenfeld with Company 3.

Post production and effects were developed at Digital Domain under the supervision of Andrew Eksner and producer Alex Thiesen.

Music was composed by Mark Slater. Music for the site was recorded at Abbey Road Studios with members of the London Symphony Orchestra.

Sound was designed by Claude Letessier via Paranoid Sounds & Design with producer Michael Baird.

Subtitles in English (for the French and Russian language script) were designed at Point 360.

Actors were Amélie Daure, Gianpaolo Lupori and Stefan Morawietz.

Amelie Daure in Philips short film

Amelie Daure in Philips short film