Penguins Walk This Way for Bluebird Chips

Penguins in the Antarctic like Bluebird potato crisps, the New Zealand brand, so much so that they’re prepared to work together to pull off a heist on the supply plane. The spot begins with the supplies plane landing on the runway which has been marked in black through the snow. Those markers turn out to be penguins. To the sounds of DMC’s Walk This Way, the penguins help themselves to the Bluebird crisps supplies. The ad finishes with the classic tagline, “Bluebird’s the Word!”.

Bluebird Penguins

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Bluebird penguins ad was developed at Publicis Mojo by creative director Nick Worthington, creatives Chris Bleakley and John Plimmer, producers Sacha Loverich and Corey Esse, account director Anne Lochoff and account manager Katie Martin.

Animation was directed by Glenn Melenhorst at Iloura

“Walk this way” was performed by Run DMC. Download Run DMC Walk This Way online at iTunes