Penderyn Not What You Expect From Wales

The Welsh Whisky Company has hit a Welsh nerve with a series of three television advertisements promoting the Penderyn Distillery’s new product range: Brecon Five Vodka, Brecon Gin and Merlyn Cream Liqueur. The series includes a controversial philosphy quiz contest show which has evoked protests over portrayal of the Welsh people.

Penderyn Jones Quiz

Philosophy Quiz Show

A team of four young Welsh women from the Valley College of Further Education competing against a team from the Boffins Institute of Advanced Philosophy. The quiz master asks: “Soren Kierkegaard was an early advocate of which philosophical concept?” A woman from the Welsh team answers: “Existentialism, innit!”

The voiceover: “Now that’s not what you’d expect from Wales. And neither is the award-winning Brecon Five Vodka.”

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The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority recently released its ruling that the Quiz Show advert could continue on screens despite complaints about its portrayal of the Welsh people as being of inferior intelligence.

Advertising agency Newhaven Communications explained to the ASA that the campaign was a light-hearted and irreverent approach to “Not what you would expect from Wales”, because the Penderyn Distillery was the only one in Wales and the production of spirits was normally not associated with the Welsh.

See the ruling at ASA.

Will Carling National Stadium

A politician renames Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium the Will Carling stadium, in honour of the former English rugby captain. “Not what you expect from Wales”. And so we’re introduced to the award winning Brecon Gin.

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Choir – the Cheeky Girls

Members of the Cwmbach Male Choir describe themselves in song as the Cheeky Girls. Not what you expect from Wales. Penderyn’s Merlyn premium cream liquer is presented as a surprise from Wales.

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