Noisy Kids Better Than Silence

Partnership for a Drug Free America commissioned a 30 second video to remind parents about the vulnerability of children to inhalant abuse in the home. A girl practices her violin. A boy bounces his soccer ball off the ceiling, time and time again. Three boys burst through the door, throwing their school bags on the floor and yelling out to each other. A boy practices with his hockey stick and puck in the hallway. Two boys play a video game complete with police sirens. A girl yells to her mother upstairs, “Mom, I’m on the phone!”. A boy pounds away on his drum kit.

I'm on the phone!

In another version, a boy taps his pencil on his glass of milk while doing his homework, children play table soccer and a cereal bowl is dropped on the kitchen floor. The voiceover and super: “If you think it’s hard living with the noise, imagine having to live with silence.” The camera cuts into the drum kit, now empty. The voiceover continues, “One in five kids will sniff household products to get high. Inhalant abuse can kill them, even the first time. Talk to your kids today about the dangers of inhalant abuse.” Parents are given a website for reference:

Silence has been posted at YouTube by Drugfree Texas. Click on the image below to play the video.

Commonly known among kids as “huffing,” “bagging,” or “sniffing,” inhalant abuse is the deliberate concentration and inhalation of common products found in homes, offices, and schools to get high. More than 1,000 common products are potential inhalants that can kill, including: glue, Freon, correction fluid, computer agents, deodorizers, markers, paint products, gases (whippets, butane, propane), gasoline, fire extinguishers, nail polish remover, lighter fluid, hair spray, and cleaning agents.


The Silence advertisement was developed at BBDO, Minneapolis, by ceative director Mark Andeer, producer Tammy Auel and copywriter Dave Alm.

Filming (in Minneapolis) was shot by director Rich Michell via Twist Film, New York & Minneapolis, with executive producer Jim Geib, head of production Jared Yeater and producer Adam Warner.

Editing was done by Dave Henniger at Butcher Edit, Los Angeles. Post production was done by colorist Robert Gill at FilmworksFX, Santa Monica, and Steve Medin at Pixel Farm, Minneapolis.

Sound was designed and mixed by Dean Hovey at Elias Arts, Santa Monica.