Orange Upgrades Val Kilmer

UK telco Orange rolls out another gold spot advertisement, this time fooling around with Val Kilmer in the context of a Western movie. A guy rushes in looking for the fastest rider in town. He’s needed to get a message through to save an innocent man. Kilmer’s character owns up to being the man required for the job but he ‘don’t ride no more’. Just as the character-transforming moment emerges the Orange Film Funding Board members at the bar start to steal the action. They suggest the script needs some work. If you need to get a message to someone you just send them a text. When the crew gets back to filming, Val’s telling us he doesn’t text anymore. He sends emails and picture text messages.

Val Kilmer holds a cellphone in Orange cinema ad

Click on the image below to play the video.

The film is not about the message. It’s about the man and him delivering it. You take away the man and you take away the heart of the story. This ad is not just about switching off the cellphone at the movies. It’s also about how we deliver our messages.


The Val Kilmer spot was developed for Orange by the creative team at Mother, London, working with agency producer Juliet Pearson.

Filming was directed by Stacy Wall via Epoch Films with producer Rob Godbold and editor Sam Sneade at Speade, London.

Saloon scene from Orange cinema ad