Orange Planet Goes Blue

Orange France encourages the world to have fun with paint and panels in this TV ad featuring the colour blue. People on every continent slap paint on to boards – enough people to change the appearance of the planet from beyond the atmosphere. Is the making the planet blue an appeal to French patriotism? Or is it just a bit of fun?

Blue paint in Orange Planet TV advertisement


The Orange Planet (Orange Planete) TV advert was developed at Publicis Conseil, Paris, by executive creative director Olivier Altmann, copywriter Olivier Dermaux, and art director Mathieu Vinciguerra, account manager Valérie Hénaff, account directors Marie Wallet and Céline Veyrard, and account executive Emilie Alalof working with Orange marketing team Delphine Ernotte, Nicolas Guiramand, Isabelle Quinlan and François Baroin.

Filming was shot by director Frédéric Planchon via Irene, Paris, with producer Christine Clerc. Sound production was done by Boris Nicou (WAM Publicis). Post production was done by Jeanne Raibaut.

Music is “Keep Smilin’, Keep Laughin’ Be Happy” by Doris Day.