Old Spice Provides Experience Test and Training

Old Spice, the brand of male grooming products from Procter & Gamble, is being promoted in a campaign using television commercials, print advertisements and an interactive web site, www.experienceoldspice.com. “We’ve seen you, yes you, drowning yourselves with European manfume in sleek black cannisters. Frankly it’s pathetic. But there’s hope: your presence here suggests that you have the desire to be an Old Spice man of experience.”

Expertitron Result

The Experience Test explains that there are two types of men in this world: men of experience and boys. The multi-choice test covers subjects such as sports, dating etiquette, car maintenance, travel and music, largely from a United States perspective. Time-tested quizzes cover cuts of beef, presidents of the United States, countries by shape, and assorted hand tools. To get anything above ordinary and dull you must get over 80 per cent. Click on the bottle of Old Spice in the right hand bottom corner for information after you’ve answered each question. The training section of the web site covers miscellaneous topics such as “Easy ways to avoid getting picked in a lineup” and “How to talk your way across an African border sans passport.”


The Old Spice Experience campaign was developed by Wieden+Kennedy, the agency assigned to the brand since the beginning of 2006.

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