Oh My God Will Not Help

Israel AIDS Task Force has a provocative message for those who make love carelessly. Groaning, “Oh My God” will not help. The TV ad features a heterosexual couple in bed, with the music “We may never pass this way again” to suggest the depicted encounter is a casual fling.

Oh My God woman


Oh My God was developed at Shalmor Avnon Amichay/ Y&R,Tel Aviv, by creative directors Gideon Amichay and Tzur Golan, copywriter Yaneev Avital, art director Galit Attia and agency producer Sigal Nugasy.

Filming was directed by Obed Binnun via Shosi & Udi.

The spot won a bronze award at the EPICA Awards, 2007, under the category of public interest.

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