Oh My God Lily Allen and Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson‘s recording of Lily Allen performing the Kaiser Chiefs track, “Oh My God”, is captured in a music video with Ronson mixing while Allen in cartoon form flirts in a bar. The music video begins with Mark finishing a evening of mixing. He’s drawn by a luminescent flyer to visit a night club where he finds an animated Lily Allen performing ‘Oh My God’. The singer interacts with members of the audience, takes a drink from the waitress and drinks it at the table of the Kaiser Chiefs, leaving them with an animated pink kiss. The music video finishes with Mark back in the studio, visited by the animated Lily Allen. “Was that alright for you Mark?” “That was good!” (Laughter from Allen).

Lily Allen (animated) with the Kaiser Chiefs

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‘Oh My God’ was released by Kaiser Chiefs as their debut single by the Drowned In Sound label in May 2004. The single was re-released in February 2005 just before the debut album, Employment. Lily Allen covered the track on her second mixtape in 2006 as well as on Mark Ronson’s Version 2007 album.

The music video was directed by Nima Nourizadeh via Partizan, known for his earlier work with Lily Allen and 2006 music video, “Over and Over” for Hot Chip.

The Lily Allen character was designed by French illustrator Fafi.

Mark Ronson and Lily Allen (animated)

Nima gives some of his perspective on the music video production at Sound Generator:

“For the animation department everything had to be communicated so precisely and at times it felt like it was more of a test of my people skills than anything else. How do you tell someone you don’t like the shot they’ve been working on for 2 days? It was pretty difficult to find the right approach, because I wanted to keep everyones spirits up and continuously excited about the project. I’d made a video for the Hot Chip song ‘Colours’ which was entirely CGI (4D facial capture technology) the previous year, and I swore I’d never do another animation video, but here I was doing another! It was incredibly rewarding but I think that maybe one animation video a year is enough for me.”

Oh My God

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