NSPCC Be The Full Stop for Child Safety

NSPCC in the UK has launched its latest Be the Full Stop drive, urging the nation to take one of 19 actions against child abuse. The Be The Full Stop campaign aims to encourage people to visit the bethefullstop.com where they can choose from a list of nineteen ways to help end cruelty to children – at the click of a mouse. They include actions such as ensuring children are safe at their clubs and activity groups, signing a petition for a safer internet, getting involved in local campaigns, challenging Facebook friends to Be the FULL STOP, downloading a poster, learning to recognise signs of abuse, volunteering for ChildLine or another NSPCC service, and donating £2 a month. Saatchi & Saatchi London have worked with NSPCC to develop a TV ad (see the story here) along with print and bus panels in the shape of internet banner ads.

Remove Helen's uncle from Helen's bed in NSPCC Click ad

Remove Helen’s uncle from Helen’s bed

Stop Joe getting hit by his stepmum in NSPCC Click ad

Stop Joe getting hit by his stepmum

Stop Gemma thinking its normal to be raped twice a week in NSPCC Click ad

Stop Gemma thinking its normal to be raped twice a week

Another ad has the address, stopdannyfeelinglikethepieceofdirthismumsaysheis.com

The Campaign

Kate Stanners said, “Overwhelmingly, people want to take action to end child abuse, but some just don’t know how they can get involved. This campaign shows that we can all be part of the solution starting with just a “click”. The TV and print ads are a powerful reminder of the horrors that occur every day in so many abused children’s lives.”

The scale of the problem is illustrated by latest Home Office figures which show that people are reporting around 100 cases of assault, ill-treatment, neglect and abandonment of children to the police every week.

Dame Mary Marsh, director and chief executive of the NSPCC says: “Nowadays, people are more aware of cruelty as a crime against children and many will report concerns about a child to the authorities. But there is still a great challenge to end child cruelty, full stop. Be the Full Stop makes it easy for everyone to play a role by showing them just what they can do.”

“Children suffer daily from sadistic attack, abuse, violence or through indifference or apathy to their welfare. There is simply no excuse for standing by while awful things continue to happen to children. People sometimes feel they can’t do much on their own to stop child abuse. But every individual action and each small deed adds up to make a huge difference. More than 1.5m people have already acted to Be the Full Stop and we need many more with the same kind of commitment.”


The bethefullstop.com campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi, London by executive creative director Kate Stanners, creative directors Brian Connolly and Paul Domenet, copywriters/art directors Eoghain Clarke and Julian Andrews, with retouching done at First Base.