English Rugby Not Without A Fight

The English rugby team posed for a staunch two-page print advertisement in the week before their game against South Africa in the Rugby World Cup 2007. Nike and O2, the sponsors of the team, provided their support in what turned out to be a loss. The players, wearing their O2 emblazoned shirts, stand on the white cliffs of Dover. The text: “Not Without A Fight”. The print and outdoor advertising campaign was supplemented by a dedicated site, notwithoutafight.co.uk

Not Without A Fight

Not Without A Fight manifesto on site


The Nike/O2 Not Without A Fight campaign was developed at W+K London by creative director/art director Chris Groom, copywriter Shay Reading and Stuart Harkness, and art director Guy Featherstone.

Photography is by Robert Wilson.

  • clive

    all this for a game of rugger!
    rar rar rar

  • Paul Feely

    Where can I buy a copy of this print?

  • shannon

    By far, the best slogan for a team. Was an All Black fan, now supporting the English… “Not without a Fight”

  • Greg

    i dnt know paul but i really want it

  • Roy


    Go to the wallpapers page it’s on there