Nokia Sharpen Up Your Image with 7610 Megapixels

The Nokia 7610 Megapixels camera is presented in a steamy television commercial from Australia. A man and woman draw each other into an apartment, heady with passion. As they land on the bed they start to undress one another. But it’s photographs that they’re peeling off. Just as she’s about to remove her bra they hear the sound of a key in the ground floor door. They rush around, picking up photographs and arranging his hiding place. A man with a briefcase appears at the door. The super: “Nokia 7610 Megapixels. Sharpen Up Your Image”.

Couple in Nokia 7610 TV ad

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Nokia ‘Sharpen Up Your Image’ ad was developed at Generator by creative director/art director Tony Bradbourne, copywriter Steve McCabe, and agency account manager Paula Kelly.

Filming was directed by Gaysorn Thavat via Exile Films with director of photography Ginny Loane and producer Mahsa Willis. Download the spot for iPod from Gaysorn’s portfolio at Robber’s Dog.

Man in Nokia 7610 TV ad