No Such Thing as an Old Junkie

Focus 12, a charitable organisation in the UK, offering extensive treatment for substance misuse, launched a print advertising campaign in 2007, reminding readers that there’s no such thing as an old junkie. Photographs show aged drug abusers indulging in their addiction to heroin, crack and cocaine.

Focus 12 print advertisement with old junkie heroin addict

Focus 12 print advertisement with old junkie crack addict

Focus 12 print advertisement with old junkie cocaine addict

The TV Advert

Two old ladies cut up cocaine with a playing card while reminiscing about their time as Wrens in the War; a man tightens the tourniquet on his wife’s arm before injecting her in the vein; in a dilapidated kitchen an old man uses a makeshift pipe to smoke crack; and most disturbing of all, an old dear injects between her toes before slumping in her armchair. The tagline? “There’s no such thing as an old junkie.”

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The Old Junkies campaign was developed at Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO by creative director Paul Brazier, copywriter Bern Hunter, art directors Mike Bond and Bryan Johnson, agency producers Francine Linsey and Larry Holland.

Filming was shot by Arran Bowyn via The Bare Film Company, London with director of photography Chas Bain and producer Helen Hadfield. Bowen is now represented by Radical Media.

Post-production was done at Absolute Post, London, by VFX producers Sally Heath and Lisa Vaughan, 2D VFX producer Daniel Morris. Editor was John Smith at The Whitehouse Post, London. TK colourist was Jean Clement at Moving Picture Company, London.

Music is James Monaco, performed by Bing Crosby, Warner/Chappell Music Ltd.