No child should have to live with a monster

AWARE, Association of Women for Action in Research in Singapore, used this disturbing campaign to help women consider the serious impact of domestic violence on children. Violent men are portrayed as distortions of humanity as their abuse of their female partners is described through the perspective of their children. Each print advertisement ends with the phrase, “NO CHILD SHOULD HAVE TO LIVE WITH A MONSTER. To report instances of domestic violence, call AWARE at 6774 5935”

Monster at the dining room table

“Your mother acts as though nothing happened. She makes dinner and sits at the table, staring into her plate. He stumbles in drunk, stands behind her and says, “I’m sorry. Do you forgive me?” She sits silent for a long time. You can see the bruise over her eye turning purple. You can feel the sadness filling the room. She sobs without looking up. He forces a kiss on her then smiles at you as if to say everything’s fine now. You stare into your plate.”

Monster in the bedroom

“You pray he has a good day at work. Or else you will have to hear your mother getting punched again tonight. And you pray she doesn’t talk too long to the neighbours or bring dinner out too cold. Or do anything else to annoy him tonight. Because you really don’t want to hear the screams. They make you wet the bed at night. So you pray. You pray that today, by some miracle, he won’t come back at all.”

Monster in the living room

“This morning it’s all quiet again. Your mother’s nowhere to be seen. But there’s a broken bedside-lamp in the trash. Did he hit her with it? Has she left? Has she left you behind? What will happen to you if she really leaves? You don’t know. You’re only ten. All you know is it’s too quiet now. Quiet is scary. Sometimes it’s scarier than chaos and slamming doors, yelling and pushing and being spat at.”


The Monsters campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore by creative director Andy Greenaway, art directors Jae Soh, Richard Copping and Robin Tan, copywriters Jagdish Ramakrishnan, Justine Lee and Roger Makak, account executive Cindy Ong. Photography was provided by the team at Calibre Pics, Singapore, with production manager Terry Ong.