Nextel Agitate The Dots

Sprint Nextel has created a popular television commercial in the States, “Dots”, promoting walkie-talkie phones and GPS Trackers. Released in June 2006, the ad introduced North Americans to the phrase, “Don’t agitate the dots”. Two men are sitting in front of a laptop in their office when a colleague enters holding a cup of coffee.

Scene from Nextel Dots TV ad

“Hey what are you guys looking at?” “Dots.” “Dots.” “What kind of dots?” “Red ones.” We see the guys looking at a street map on their laptop, with red dots marking the position of couriers. One of them picks up a phone and talks to a courier… “Can you talk to the dots?”
“New pick up 10 Spring Street.” “Can the dots talk back?” “Spring St. Roger that”, says a woman on the phone. “Do it again! ” “No the dots have work to do. We don’t agitate the dots.” “We don’t agitate the dots”, repeats the other.

In comes the boss, played by Charlie Robinson known for his role as Mac in Night Court. “Who’s agitating my dots? You agitating my dots?” He takes another bite from his cake. The voiceover, provided by Andrew Sherman: “Nextel’s walkie-talkie phones and GPS Tracker get things done instantly. Available at Sprint or Nextel retailers. Nextel – from Sprint.”

Who's agitating my dots?

Click on the image below to play the Dots video.


The Nextel Dots ad was created at TBWA\Chiat\Day, New York, by executive creative director Gerry Graf, creative directors Anthony Sperduti and Adam Alshin, art director Joel Rodriguez, copywriter Gail Barlow, director of broadcast production Ozzie Spenningsby.

Filming was directed by Tim Godsall, via Biscuit Filmworks, Los Angeles, with director of photography Bryan Newman.

Editor was Ian MacKenzie at MacKenzie Cutler, New York.

End Tag was created at Charlex, New York.

The first three characters in the ad are played by Scott Menville, Patrick Day and Brent Hinkley.