New Zealand TV Ads

Looking for TV ads made for the New Zealand market or filmed in New Zealand? Here’s a good place to start. I’ve provided a list of classic ads written up on The Inspiration Room. See the rest of them here on this site with the New Zealand tag.

Milford Sound Television Screen

Penguins Walk This Way for Bluebird Chips

Yellow Pages – Fingers Do The Walking

Iveco All Blacks Haka

Gingerbread Haka

Weird World of Sports

Subaru Legacy Goes Surf to Summit

Vodafone Changing Times in NZ

Steinlager Win Nick’s Life in New Zealand

Adidas All Blacks – Of This Earth

Telecom Meerkats
Supermarket Trolleys

Nokia Megapixel Camera Affair

Pop Culture Dolls in New Zealand

V Inspired Drive-In Action

Mother Force of Nature

Calci Yums Squeezables Are Made to be Squished

Tourism NZ: New Zealand Turns Green and Gold

School Principals on Speeding

Hyundai Restless Toddlers

Toyota Camry – Wonderful World

Toyota Yaris Towies

Auckland City Mission Christmas on the Pavement

Oxfam Unwrapped Christmas Campaign

Auckland City Mission Great Escape for Christmas Appeal

Tiger Beer Taste It In This Life

Greenpeace Oceans Breathe

Folgers Coffee Happy Morning

Glassons Breast Cancer T-Shirts

Air New Zealand Grandparents

Lift Plus Vase, Spoon, Shower
MTV Milk – Pure NZ Goodness

All Black Haka Hand Bagged for Bledisloe Cup

Land Transport NZ – High Rise

Boots Sun Shop Summer Rush

Pineapple Lumps – Sweet As

Burger King Kiwis Love Eggs

BNZ Piggy Banks

William Lawson Response to the Haka

Easter Road Toll
Red Cross Lying Down

Vogels Bread – Grain of Truth
Tip Top Simplifying Summer with Undies

Toyota RAV4 Happy Together (Not)

Michael Hill Jeweller – 14

Nissan Tiida – Kim Cattrall

Jockey – Balls – Treat Them Well

Honda Impossible Dream

Air New Zealand – Peter Fitzsimmons
Mainland Cheese – Cheesemakers

Toyota Hilux – Bulls Hit Escape Plan

V Energy Drink Insects

Documentaries Not Showing

ASB Banker Ira Goldstein

Lotto Instant Kiwi Exam Paper

Telecom NZ Father and Son

Mitsubishi Pajero Beaten Track

ACC Home Safety

42 Below Story of New Zealand

Cadbury Crunchie Train

BASF Dear John

Toyota Hilux – Bugger

DB Pub in Heaven

Volkswagen Touareg Sahara

Levis 501 Jeans Baptized

Nike Keep The Ball Alive – Rugby World Cup

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  • Julia K

    I`m interested in the TV AD.Plese give me a advise about Budget for making and air.
    Thank you!

  • joseph hawkins

    Hello there . Can you please help me . Where was that famous Cadbury Easter Egg advertisement from the early 1980’s filmed?
    It’s the one with the little boy and girl in the classroom sharing a creme egg together before they get caught by the teacher.
    The theme song is
    ‘Don’t get Caught ‘.
    This Easter Egg advertisement has always interested me?
    Would you know the names of the two little darlings . What are they may upto now?

    • Jayne

      It was filmed at St Patricks College in Silverstream, Wellington

  • Judie Miller

    can you tell me how I can down load Toyota ad of the little girl planting the tree seed

  • richard

    Hi. i need help to find info and footage on an early 90’s fujifilm adds filmed in NZ. Included a young “city slicker” blonde boy. i remember one was filmed on the west coast?


  • H Schuler

    I’m trying to find the winter 2010 ad campain for Mt Ruapehu ski resort that showed on TV2 before the season closed, does anyone know where I can find a link?

  • Gabby Jones

    Hi im looking for a Scope heaters tv commercial made in 1990-1991. It featured John Britains wife and a small blonde child. It was advertising wall mounted fan heaters. The little girl is me but i havnt got a copy of the commercial, just the pamphlet. Can anybody please help?

  • Jemma

    Please can you help me.I remember an ad that had a gorilla gram with a pink skirt and a ghetto blaster ringing the door of an old lady who opens the door and beats the gorilla gram with a broom.Please can you tell me what the ad was for and where i can see it again.

  • Annette

    Can someone please help me, I am looking for the L (Lance) A (Andy) D (Dave) S (Steve) tv commercial that was shown in NZ a few years ago, it was advertising a beer can anyone remember what beer it was for or where I can find it on the net.


  • Tim Wallace

    Looking for the old claymation ad with 2 possums smoking gigarettes on a road at night. They get run over by a rally car. I think it was a smokefree ad for the nz car rally

    • john

  • candace

    Looking for a NZ Mcdonalds ad, im sure its for the chicken royale, the farm hand starts talking all posh after eating one, referring to a sheep as a fleece covered bovine??

  • summer

    looking for the old readymix commercial, Ive been everywhere man…..Is there anyone out there that can help out??

  • Elin

    I´m trying to find an ad I saw when i went to nz in 2007..
    It´s a guy driving a car. it´s dark and it looks like he´s being chased by an other car with two men in suits and sunglases. they stop and the men say something like – the towline is to short.
    Really need/want to find it!!!

  • Bill

    I was in NZ last month, and there was a TV ad where a man drives across the countryside in a 4×4 furiously to his mate’s house and asks to borrow his chainsaw? What advert is that?
    Many thanks

    • Katy Hanara

      That’s for Stihl chainsaws, I believe.

  • Bill it’s the Stihl Mercy Dash ad.

  • Katy Hanara

    Looking for a TV ad in which my kids were featured. It was for Kidditown, a chidren’s prams, cots, furniture store in the Government Life Building in Hamilton, in the early 80s. Would love to show it to my (now) grown up kids! Thanks, Katy.

  • terry mcardle

    Hi I am looking for the advert for either winstone glass or smith&smith life time guarantee on windscreen leaks with a elderly man standing outside his quarter acre with his old holden. Using it for school representation exam.

  • Sophie

    Hi, I’m looking for the music for an advert. I think it was mercury electricity with the kid putting lemons on the tree to make light.

  • Leigh-Ann
  • Emanuel

    Does anyone know the ad with the distracted driver? in 2012

  • Khye Li Chan

    Hi, do you have any ads about Pams brand in the past? Not the latest by Jonny Kofoed but the ads from the past.

  • Simon

    Anyone know the kids name in the 1980 rubella television advertisement in NZ?

    • derek miller

      we,re dying to know as well mate. if you find out let us know.

    • steve

      christopher ?

  • Rhys

    What where the ads on tv one with what a wonderful world as background music, it was a series about the dog who got lost and slowly made its way back home ??

    • Wendy

      It was for Telecom i think – I’m trying to find it as well

    • Pedro Lopes

      Did you find it?
      I’m tired of looking for it, can’t find it anywhere, can you help?

    • Ajay

      Those ads were for Tv one..Someone put the whole series on YouTube in 2007 but I can’t find them anymore

    • Ajay

      They are here but the links to YouTube don’t work…

  • scott

    what was the add that had older men doing boy things eg, dad was beating son at swing ball, dad playing in paddle pool

  • Nice page! Found it very entertaining.

  • Dean.

    One ad, that I’d love to find, but can’t – is the sunlight dish washing ad with the boy and his Grand-dad.
    The boys asked “Grand-dad, do you know Flash Gordon?”, to which he replied “Well son, he used to drive my tractor.”

  • Sams.

    Hello, I’m after an beer ad from a few years back. It is with a man in his 30s walking through a town and he steps into this wall of darkness from the light of the town. I think he says something about being different and stepping into the unknown, but I can’t quite recall.

  • Dennis Kereopa

    Im looking for a add that aired in the late 70s to mid 80s road crew working in the countryside an they decide to cook up a feed on the side of the road using there wrk tools can anybody help please

  • Richelle Edwards

    Hi, I am trying to find an advert from the mid 80s for CC’s corn chips. My father played a mexican boss who gives a customer the wrong brand of corn chips so he shoots at his photo. The catch phrase is “only CC’s es tasting like these” Dads name is Milton Hughes and I think the ad was produced by an Australian company but definitely filmed in NZ. Any help greatly appreciated.

  • Cam and Wendy Preston

    Hi, I am desperately looking for a ad from the mid 1980’s by NZI insurance for home insurance about “you do want half a pyramid” in relation to not wanting to be left with not enough money to rebuild your whole house.

  • kiorakiwi

    I’m looking for the Toyota ad featuring the song “I’ve Been Everywhere Man”

  • Graham Glover

    Hi just wondering if anyone could help me, I am looking for a NZ Fisher & Paykel or Simpsons Wahing Machine TV advert about 1986-1987. It featured a young boy coming home from a rugby game that needs his rugby uniform washed. The little boy in the advert is me and I would love to find it, if anyone has some suggestions where I could start looking?