New Zealand turns Green and Gold

Tourism New Zealand has chosen March as the month to entice Australians across the Tasman Sea. To make that trip appealing New Zealanders are being asked to put aside their age-old feelings of rivalry and be nice to Australians. A series of TV advertisements is being shown in Australia, promoting the ‘green and gold’ colours being adopted in New Zealand, for a limited time. It’s a reference to the autumn colours that make New Zealand scenery so spectacular at this time of year.

Petra Bagust and Robbie Magasiva

Petra Bagust and Robbie Magasiva continue their “What’s On” 100% Pure New Zealand tourism series with ‘Green and Gold’:

“Gidday Australia! We’ve done something we wouldn’t do for anyone else! You know you Aussies and us Kiwis are like family. Just for you and only for a limited time we’ve turned all of New Zealand green and gold.

Autumn in New Zealand is a wonderland! There is no better time to experience its beauty and excitement than next month! What’s on in New Zealand this autumn? Whatever you want’s on! So get yourself to and book your green and gold break right now!”

See the range of feelings on Australia/NZ relations being expressed by Kiwis and Aussies at the New Zealand Herald.


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