New Internationalist Magazine Challenges Advertising Overload

Leftist magazine New Internationalist dedicated its September 2006 issue to provide a challenging resource for people wanting to explore the advertising world with a social conscience.

New Internationalist Magazine - Advertising OverloadHere are the articles from that issue…

Captive – how the ad industry pins us down
Dinyar Godrej suggests that advertising no longer indulges in bare-faced fraud. Now we’re faced with soul fraud in which advertising permeates our perception of the world through a combination of image and text and association.

How to read an ad
An advertising executive works with editors to deconstruct print advertisements for Boost Mobile, Magnum icecream, Ocean Spray Cranberry Classic and Tampax Pearl.

Brand-hopping beauties
An alien consumer culture is blitzing Indian women. Mari Marcel Thekaekara takes its measure, looking at snob appeal, racism and skullduggery.

Jesus is a brand of jeans
Jean Kilbourne on how advertising affects the way we think and feel, concerned that the resulting worldview is based on cynicism, dissatisfaction and craving.

Public service
Chinese perceptions of the hard sell take Jacob Lotinga by surprise.

How big brands steal children’s hearts – a look at approaches to advertising to children around the world.

Sultans of spin
Making an unpopular candidate win an election – in Bolivia or anywhere else – is an art, as Bob Burton discovers.

All that glisters…
India’s feelgood boomerang – a look at the Indian Government’s 2004 election-related advertising campaign, India Shining.

Beneath the gloss…
Sarah Irving opens the casebook on ad promise and corporate reality, looking at campaigns from Toyota, Unilever (Dove Real Women), Starbucks, Tommy Hilfiger and BP.

Bubble-pricking prankery – a look at billboard vigilante campaigns from around the world.

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