Wrigleys New 5 Gum To Stimulate Your Senses

Wrigleys New 5 Gum is being promoted in a campaign with the tagline, “Stimulate Your Senses”. The three flavours, Rain, Flare and Cobalt, are introduced in experiments designed to demonstrate ‘”how it feels to chew 5 Gum”. “This fully integrated campaign truly delivers on 5’s promise to stimulate the senses,” said Paul Chibe, Wrigley’s Vice President of U.S. Marketing. “Whether consumers feel the intensity of the spots while in a surround-sound movie theater; see highly imaginative, cinema-quality TV commercials and vividly descriptive print ads in the country’s hottest magazines; or interact with the brand’s new website, we’ve created a sensorial experience that matches 5’s long lasting flavor, bold graphics and revolutionary packaging.”

Wrigleys Rain Experiment

The Tingling of Rain (Spearmint)

A young man explores what it means to chew 5 Gum by lying in thousands of ball bearings pulsating to a thumping beat.

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The cooling of Cobalt (Peppermint)

In a futuristic setting a man places himself in a gyroscope reminiscent of the 2002 movie, The Time Machine. He is launched into a wind tunnel like no other, receiving an exhilarating cooling effect on his body.

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The Warming of Flare (Cinnamon)

A woman walks to the edge of a platform in what appears to be a cooling tower. Below her are thousands of electric hairdryers. She jumps, supported by a rip cord briefly before falling to a point just above the hairdryers. She revels in the heat from below that holds her in the air.

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The Stimulate Your Senses campaign was developed at AMV BBDO, London, and Energy BBDO, Chicago, by executive creative director Paul Brazier, creative director Rob Nielsen, copywriter Barney Ashton, art director Matt Ryan, Director of Film and Digital Production Brigette Whisnant (Energy), Head of TV Production Francine Linsey and producer Nick Godden.

Filming was directed by Dante Ariola via MJZ with producer Natalie Hill, director of photography Philippe Le Sourd.

Editing was done by Andrea McArthur at Peep Show Post Production, with editing assistant Naomi Spiro.

Audio post production was done at Stimmung, Los Angeles, and 750 mph, London

VFX/Online Post Production was done at The Mill, LA, by VFX Supervisor/Lead Flame artist Chris Knight, producer Helen Hughes, Flame artists Corey Brown, Paul Kirsch, David Parker, Phil Crowe and Des Anwar, combustion artists Jeanette Willioford and Ross Goldstein, CG producer Miles Petit, CG supervisor/lead CG artist Rob Petrie, Lead CG artist Robert Kolbeins, and CG artists Xavier Zahra, Can Y. Sanalan, Martin Contel, Jimmy Kiddell, Richard Costin, John Leonti, Guy Van Der Walt.

Wrigleys Cobalt Experiment

A number of shots in the Cobalt spot were impossible to film and so were developed through computer generated imagery. Rob Petrie and his team replicated the environment in its entirety, maintaining authentic lighting and texturing. The 3D team met the challenges of modeling both the tubing and the gyroscope, to compensate for the fact that a handful of the moves were, in fact, physically impossible to capture in camera. In addition to seamlessly integrating the CG elements, Chris gave the spot its chilly feel, enhancing the main character’s goose bumps, inserting ice throughout the fans and adding cold frosty air.

For the Rain spot set designers consulted with The Mill supervisors, Chris and Rob, to fashion a miniature model of the platform that was fifteen times smaller than the finished version. From there, Chris and Rob calculated a mathematical formula to generate an exact distance between the camera and the model. First crafting a set measuring one quarter of the full-scale set and then lining it up perfectly with the miniature set, the Mil LA team was able to generate a final composite with dimensions completely equivalent to human scale.

Also of interest was the creation of the weathered speakers that generate the energetic beat in the spot. Chris and Rob worked with Designer Christopher Glass, whose character design can be seen on the award-winning Johnny Walker ‘Human’ (VFX: The Mill, Director: Dante Ariola) and whose storyboard art blueprinted the design of ‘Spiderman 3’. From 2D drawings, the set design team modeled a live speaker, which was then rendered by Rob and his team in 3D. The 3D renders then went back to Christopher who worked drawings back over the speakers. Using stained concrete and rusted metal reference, the effects team achieved an industrial feel through a unique process. Chris then enhanced the filmic style of the spot with set extension, rig removal and detailed compositing of 3D elements, such as the animated speakers timed perfectly to match the beat of the audio.

Wrigleys Flare Experiment

The Flare spot was filmed with a hundred hairdryers. The Mill 3D team recreated the scene to include thousands, which were then composited by the 2D team back into the live action shots. Moreover, Chris and his team added atmospheric heat haze and intensified the red force of the hairdryers.