Nestle Smarties Feed Your Imagination

Smarties Feed Your Imagination. That’s the tagline for this print advertising campaign for Nestlé Smarties, the colourful sugar-coated chocolate confectionery first produced in the UK in 1937. The print ads, developed in Singapore, show colorful Smarties as the centrepiece of imaginative writing, as the red nose of an invisible clown, as the pink nose of a cat, and the yellow yolk of an egg.

Red Smarties chocolate clown's nose with red writing

Red Smarties Clown

It’s an invisible clown – it’s a spinning top. It’s a red blood cell. It’s my nose when I catch a cold. It’s Santa Claus’s tummy. It’s a pin prick. It’s my sister’s face after I caught her kissing a boy. It’s a slice of tomato. Red clothes in a washing machine.

It’s a stop button. It’s a ladybug after a bath. It’s Mommy’s lipstick. It’s a hamburger with lots and lots of ketchup on it. It’s what my elder brother has on his face. It’s a redoussaurus egg. It’s Red Riding Hood seen from above. It’s Rudolph the Reindeer in the snow. It’s a bull’s eye.

Pink Smarties Cat

A drop of milk from a cow fed on strawberries. It’s my cat’s nose. It’s a bead. A Frisbee. That’s cotton candy. It’s a balloon. It’s scoop of ice cream. It’s my aunt’s lipstick. It’s Grandpa’s. It’s a sleeping flamingo. It’s a ballerina’s skirt.

Pink Smarties chocolate cat's nose with white writing

It’s my baby sister’s cheek. It’s a planet ruled by girls. It’s the tip of my tongue. It’s a merry-go round at full speed. It’s a lollipop without the stick. Can I wear it on my forehead pleeeeease?

Yellow Smarties Egg

It’s an egg yolk. It’ a beach ball. It’s the golden goose’s egg. The full moon. It’s a teeny-weeny pizza. It’s a lemon. It’s a pill that I like to eat. It’s a mushroom.

Yellow Smarties chocolate yolk with white writing

It’s a spotlight. It’s a hard-hat. It’s a pebble on the beach. It’s my Mommy’s tummy before my little brother was born. It’s a pancake. Daddy’s motorbike light. It’s my belly button.


The Smarties Feed Your Imagination campaign was developed at JWT Singapore by creative director Ali Shabaz, art director Thomas Yang, copywriter Joji Jacob, illustrators Celeste Anning, Michael Ng, Sheryo, typographers Thomas Yang, Celeste Anning, Michael Ng, and photographer Teo Chai Guan at Teo Studio.